Doug Blaney

Doug Blaney was delivered to Earth in a classic saucer-shaped UFO during the winter of 1984. He was raised in suburban Florida and, at the insistence of his alien handlers, started playing drums at age 9. By late 2002 he was living in a hippie commune, where he learned to play a wide variety of drumming styles. Last year, The Nondenoms recruited him from a drum circle outside of Boone, NC, where he could be heard exclaiming “Hedonism lives!” and “I can’t stand these people anymore.” Having played in more than his fair share of western-NC bands over the years, “The Dougernaut” is glad to have finally settled into the underground punk scene of Greensboro, NC, where he’s learned to throw out the nuances of jazz and fusion in favor of the raw drumming power needed to keep up with the rest of The Nondenoms.

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