KiD Goldstein

He’s the brains behind the operation; the captain of this ship; the madman piecing together a diabolical masterpiece; he is Brian “KiD” Goldstein. Running on very little sleep, Brian stays up late every night working on the band, before waking up early for his full time job. Priding himself for being as honest and upfront as he can, Goldstein lives by his quote, “If it isn’t honest, what’s it worth?” Applying this to his songwriting, each lyrical line he writes can tear through those he deems worthy of criticism. Though as brutal as his words can be, Brian’s personality has always been lighthearted and youthful, earning him the nickname “KiD.” At the age of 14, KiD picked up the bass, but it wasn’t until the Nondenoms formed that he strapped on a guitar. His weapon of choice is an Epiphone G-400 through a Marshall halfstack, however he is most noted for his ability to effortlessly go from a raucous roar to a subtle croon.
Hockey Meme
Lucky #13
This one goes out to shitty people
Who’s that riding my coattails?
I got an iTouch
Team Coco
It’s Alive!!!
July 12, 2010
June 25, 2010