Here it is folks.  Finally.  Our official release party for our long overdue “Take It Back”.  Think of this as a thank you to all who have been a part of the Nondenoms’ life.  Seriously, we mean it.

So much so that we are providing Pizza for this insane show.  There will be tons of pizza so don’t eat before the show.  Also, we’ve got some very special guests coming and playing.  Such as “the Leeves”, or the brand new “Dumpster” or how about our friends from the north… “Sexy Crimes”.  We’d love to have all our faves play, such as the Raving Knaves or Corporate Fandango… but the night’s gotta end sometime folks… and there’s not that much pizza.

Show up!  Bring some money for donations and for the touring bands and the new album and new t-shirts.  And if someone wants to bring a keg… more power to them.

See you on April 16th… at the Chapman Street House.  8:00.

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