The C.I.A. took KiD Goldstein away…

Hey Guys… KiD here. So if you’ve been an avid watcher of this site, you know it’s been dead for a while and I hope you got the idea to traverse to our FaceBook page. I can’t say that it’s seen too much activity but at least a bunch more than what you’re getting from here. So what’s been up… well I’ve gone back to school last... Read More

Brand New Punk Rock Girl Video

Thanks to everyone who participated in creating this video. Tweet  Read More

What the hell were we doing in July?

HOLY CRAP! It’s been a long time since we’ve updated the .COM site, so this is just a quick update. We’re working on two brand new videos and they should be released within two weeks! Also, we will be shooting one or two more in August/September so if interested in being an extra… I’ll have more info posted later. Keep checking our Facebook page... Read More


Here it is folks.  Finally.  Our official release party for our long overdue “Take It Back”.  Think of this as a thank you to all who have been a part of the Nondenoms’ life.  Seriously, we mean it. So much so that we are providing Pizza for this insane show.  There will be tons of pizza so don’t eat before the show.  Also, we’ve got some very... Read More

Take It Back Album is Finally Here!

After months… perhaps years of waiting… the album is here for sale. We’re still revamping our whole online store so it will be a week or so before it’s available online. However, come to any of our shows and we’ll have them for sale at $10 a piece. Btw, because this album took so long to come out, we’re working on a few more releases that should... Read More

Winter Wishes

Greetings Humans. I know! It’s been so long since we’ve posted anything, it’s like we left the planet or something. But I assure you, we didn’t. (Well, maybe Doug did). So what’s new? Well, over the past month we’ve played a couple shows with great bands: The Raving Knaves, Mumu Tutu, Dear Cousin Muscles, The Leeves, Mat Masterson (of Friendhouse),... Read More

December 2nd – Blind Tiger

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A Brand New Music Video

It’s here! The new video for Escape From Hell-A is completed. This isn’t the “FINAL” cut, because our song hasn’t been mastered yet… but that all should be done by the end of the month. Hmm… what does that mean? Does that mean the album is about to be released? Well… that’s for another post. Thanks to Erik Button and his... Read More

Dookie’s Finest

If you missed it, SHAME ON YOU! If you made it, you may remember how awesome it was. If not… here is just a taste of some great pictures taken by Micah. And oh btw… the great pictures from our press kit… all taken by Katei… so check them out too! [View with PicLens] ... Read More

Canes and Nondenoms together again!

Okay! So… it’s not definite… but it’s close to definite. The lawyer’s have to cross some t’s and dot some i’s (that’s cause they’re legit and we own all the rights to our stuff) but… supposedly, the Hurricanes are going to play our song “Take it Back” sometime during Tuesday, November 9th’s game. Now... Read More